Joytoy 03ST Legion Interstellar Trooper


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03ST Legion Interstellar Trooper is the latest product for galaxy troopers after 02ST.
This time, Joytoy makes is bigger in body size but maintaining the scale of 1:18.

It comes with 3 human soldiers each is unique in terms of design and character.
The color used for this soldiers are so special and styling that make this a special figures for your collection.
Joytoy has improved so much over the years and there are so many more variety of products coming out soon make every collectors eagerly waiting for the release.
This is a great set for both playing and display.
It fit perfectly is all 1:18 mecha and Crazy Reload SUV (release last quarter of 2020) without any problem at all


Material: ABS

Scale: 1:18

Height: 10.5cm

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