3A IronMan DLX MK43 Avengers Infinity War


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3A IronMan DLX MK43 Avengers Infinity War is a new line from them in 2021 for Marvel series characters.
Right after this will be Hulkbuster which will be a great pair.
3A IronMan DLX MK43 forearms and upper-torso are detachable which allow the Mark 43 armor to fit inside the Mark 44 Hulkbuster armor.

With its unique die-cast metal frame design, DLX not only provides an advanced range of articulation, but also greatly enhances the weight and durability.
The details and paint job on this figure are so good and it is highly accurate to the movie character.

It comes with so many articulation points about 43 of it which makes it highly posable.
It is so great that you can basically do any difficult posing.
It also comes with Die-Cast parts that makes it highly exclusive and collectible.
In order to make it better, 3A has added LED effects on this figure’s eye and chest.

Remarks: May release by batches so, make sure you order earlier.

Height:  6.5”/ 16.5cm

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

3A Threezero DLX Iron Man Mark 46


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