3A Oyama Ryu Ultraman Belial


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3A Oyama Ryu Ultraman Belial is the new version of Ultraman by the company
Comparatively, this model will have another great run after their successful sales of the Ultraman anime series.
Similarly, the paint job is tip top and very striking.
In addition to that, it comes with a 87 points of articulation which will allow you to make many difficult posing at ease.
It doesn’t stop there, 3A is also giving you the original weapons which is the Giga Battlenizer.
The LED effect at the eyes for both of the 2 heads will be a good one to have.
It is equally important to mention that this is a super solid and steady figure.
3A Oyama Ryu Ultraman Belial is the best Belial in the market.

PRICE: 1150

[please checkout this item and bank in minimum RM500 as deposit]

Height:  34cm

Material: ABS

ETA: Q4 2021

Ultraman Belial
Ultraman Tiga
Ultraman FigZero

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