AlienAttack Toys AAT03 Gundog


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AlienAttack Toys AAT03 Gundog will be released soon.
As you can see, it is very accurate looking to the movie character and probably the best looking figure out there in the market.
Both the truck and the robot mode is so nice and sleek.
The paint job is super nice on matte surface which is never easy to make and definitely not cheap.
Besides, there is one important thing i almost forget to mention, this is a pretty tall figure standing at 24cm.
Since hound is a weapon specialist, he actually comes with tons of weapons which you can refer to the picture in this post.
Finally and most importantly, it comes with Die-Cast parts.


[please checkout this item and bank in minimum RM150 as deposit]

Height: 9.4″/ 24.0cm

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

ETA: Q3 22

AAT03 Gundog
AAT04 Crankcase
AAT05 Manticore


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Weight 5 kg


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