B2FIVE WAVE 2A 88th Sand Laurel LA4S4 set


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B2FIVE WAVE 2A 88th Sand Laurel LA4S4 set is on rare sales.
It is specifically designed for reconnaissance, assault, ambush, and rescue missions.
Not just that, it can have different form such as a tanker mecha to a walking mecha.
Furthermore, the paint use in this figure is so nice and beautiful with all the decals provided by the company.
Just look at the details itself already make it a must have mecha in your figure collection.
Besides, the cockpit area can has a pilot piloting it in a war zone.
Nevertheless, this is a important figure for your diorama sets.
Diorama customizers will surely like this set since it can transform into so many different options.
Unfortunately, sales item has no warranty.


[please checkout this item and bank in minimum RM50 as deposit]

Scale: 1:28

Height: Approx 10.5cm

Material: ABS

ETA: Oct 21

2A 88th Sand Laurel LA4S4 set
2B R711 Laurel LA3R set
Stealth Laurel LA3e

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