BIG FIRE BIRD BV01 Tigerhunt Type-N


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BIG FIRE BIRD BV01 Tigerhunt Type-N is the latest announcement from the company similar series to Kalavinka.

For your information, this line of products is featuring a futuristic military vehicle which is an in-house design.
After a successful run in Kalavinka, they have continue to venture into a second and third model.
From the pictures itself, it looks absolutely stunning and nice with such an ambitious design like never before.
Moreover, the design is so unique that no other company has ever do this before.
Although it is consider small in size but the details are superb and futuristic.
Tigerhunt is a must have for those who already have Kalavinka.

PRICE: TBC RM50 is just the DEPOSIT

ETA: unknown

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

Height: est 17cm

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg


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