BIG FIRE BIRD FIREBIRD – MJ01-05 – Combiner – Set Of 5


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Full Set Combiner BIG FIRE BIRD FIREBIRD – MJ01-05 – Combiner – Set Of 5

Height: 22cm / 8.66″

FULL SET PRICE: RM775 deposit 150

Material: ABS

ETA: last quarter 2020

This is a combiner and customer need to place order for full set deposit of RM150

Please take note:
1. This order is mainly work as deposit for your full set
2. Once you order for this combiner, we will auto add 4 individual item order (refer to INCLUDES secrion) to your order list
3. Individual item will be released and billed separated to you and you need to pay individually
4. The last individual unit price will use the full set deposit to knock-off the item price and buyer only need to pay the balance
5. NO refund or transfer deposit will be allowed and if customer fail to settle any released item in this combiner, deposit will be automatically forfeited

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