Comicave Mk85 1/12 Super Alloy Fully Articulated Iron Man


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Comicave Mk85 is a 75% die-cast metal, fully articulated figurine with interchangeable accessories and LED light features in the eye and chest.
Extendable joints throughout the figure enable extensive pose-ability and play-ability.
Comicave Mk85 has a very nice and unique hand weapon with a green suit that gives the suit a distinctive look.
This is also the figure that has the most LED effect on a 1/12 figure that makes it very special and beautiful.
By having more than 20 points, collectors can basically make any difficult posing at ease without much problem.
So far there is no other company than Comicave able to product such as solid and heavy figure at this scale.


The LED is bright enough and looks perfectly fit into the figure
The metallic paint job on the figure has transformed it into a very nice figure.
Joint are good and not overly stiff which will comfortable and easy to pose.
Comes with many accessories to suit your personal preference in posing.
It come with a nice white color box similar to the conventional handphone box which is easy to store and display.

ETA: Dec

Height: 7″/ 17.7cm

Material: ABS and lots of Die-Cast

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