CR02 Mazinger Z Oversize KO


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CR02 Mazinger Z Oversize KO is a enlarged knock-off version from Kings Arts.
As a matter of fact, is really looks alike comparing to the original version but die-cast material.
Identically, the paint job is very similar too and the metallic paint is superb.
Not to mention this is a new reissue after the successful sales in the first run.
Unlike other KO toys, this one consider a good copy in a bigger scale.
Furthermore, this will be a good collection for those who likes big figures standing at 37cm
Most importantly, the price is very affordable and reasonable for such a huge figure.
Although it is huge but it is a very solid and steady figure.
However, this figure has lesser Die-Cast materiel as anticipated but overall is still a very cool and nice figure for your collection.
It comes with an LED light features too.

PRICE: 520

[please checkout this item and bank in minimum RM150 as deposit]

Material: ABS and Die-cast

Height: 37cm

ETA: Aug

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