DreamStar Toys DST01-003 Blitzbolt


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DreamStar Toys DST01-003 Blitzbolt is the third member of the upcoming Superion with MP Scale.
As you can already see from the picture, it comes with fully articulated hands and fingers.
Not to mentioned about the great design and details it has on it, this will definitely going to be a great figure.
It looks super realistic and very details in the bot designs.

Dream Star Toys Superion has pretty different sculpting choice compared to the cartoon-accuracy figures.
This combiner is very big standing at about 50cm height in combined mode.
It pairs perfectly with Cang-toys Predaking due to its styling and details.
The company has put in lots of effects in making this combiner looks.
This is a combiner that consists of 5 super good looking jets.


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Part: body in combiner form


Dream Star Toys DST01-001 Slingshoot

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