IRONTRANS IR-V01 Star Blade Star Saber


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IRONTRANS IR-V01 Star Blade Star Saber is finally reissue after a long wait.

Height: 35cm

Material: ABS, snd Die-cast

Parts provider:

– Toy body*1

– Head sculpture*1

– Weapon*3

– Operator*1

– Replaceable hand*2

Description: Product’s contains high percentage alloy material.

Highly movable, Robot type can do kneeling posture, bending over backwards, holding chest by arm.

This a very interesting and original take on G1 Star Saber, the Autobot commander from the Japanese G1 cartoon Transformers Victory. It is highly stylized figure, still recognizable as Star Saber but very unique at the same time.

The robot mode is even taller than the official Masterpiece Star Saber (35 cm tall) and features a good range of poseability as seen in the pictures. We are sure the fully articulated hands will please Star Saber fans. This mold can also separate into the inner Saber robot who looks very poseable too.

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