IronFactory EX-57 Sekijoujien


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IronFactory EX-57 Sekijoujien is from a new line of Transformers.
These series are mostly based on samurai related character.
Those characters announce by IronFactory are pretty interesting and unique.
This not something you will normally see in any Transformer product and you will definitely going to like it.
As usual, the joint is very solid and joints are mostly good.
The price of IronFactory has been very affordable and reasonable with high quality material.

ETA: unknow

Material: ABS

Height: 9.2cm

Coming in the same series:
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RM130 EX-45M Kagami Shishimaru
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RM130 EX-57 Sekijoujien 
RM130 EX-56 Tetsybe 
RM125 EX-52 Twin Edged Blade Kochuu-Norimune

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