JiangXing MB01 Winged Dragon Megatron


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JiangXing MB01 Winged Dragon Megatron is finally going to be reissued after a long wait

Material: ABS and Die-Cast, Special coating applied that prevent scratches

Height: 30cm/ 12″

ETA: Oct 22


[please checkout this item and bank in minimum RM300 as deposit]

JiangXing Winged Dragon Megatron transforms from a giant winged dragon to robot and back!
Features an impressive figure from Jiangxing with a massive wingspan and the arm of the robot mode is formed from the head of the dragon!
It was reported that there is a special coating on the paint to prevent scratches.
This is the biggest Beast War Megatron available in the market.
For your information, this item was fast sold out and it is defintely the biggest Wing Dragron Megatron available in the market.
Not just that, IT also has the best paint joint and the heaviest of its kind.

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