JoyToy Fearless Tigers Feng Min


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JoyToy Fearless Tigers Feng Min is the latest female soldier.It is so unique that you can see her upper body is heavily arm but was not wearing any tactical suit waist down.

This set is very stable, solid and highly posable

It has many accessories for you to equip according to your own preference and styling

It fit perfectly is all 1:18 mecha and Crazy Reload SUV without any problem at all

Most importantly, the price is affordable and relatively cheap compare to other competitors or brand in the market.

JoyToy Fearless Tigers Feng Min has a very good paint job.

It also has lots of accessories this time for you to play around.

Material: ABS
ETA: Sept/ OCt
Scale: 1:18
Height: 10.5cm

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Weight 2 kg


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