JOYTOY Mecha Depot Staging Area


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JOYTOY Mecha Depot Staging Area is one of the new diorama sets announced by the company dedicated to build walls of diorama.
As a matter of fact, this is not the first diorama from them but it just got better and better.
The details and paints are equally superb.
Furthermore, it looks superb and great match for the 1:18 humans and soldier.
Moreover, there are more similar theme diorama sets for a different area coming out soon too which will definitely improve your collection display.
In addition, you can buy many different set to make your own based totally based on your own taste without any rules so long you like it.

REMARKS: Human and excluded/ not included

Scale: 1/18

Material: ABS

Other related diorama set:
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Maintenance Area
Meeting Area
Monitoring Area
Testing Area

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