JOYTOY X-HLA01 Hurricane-Light Assault Dual Mode Mecha (White)


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JOYTOY X-HLA01 Hurricane-Light Assault will be the coolest mecha that can transform into a vehicle.
For your infomation, Joytoy has never produce a mecha so beautifully and realistic.
This will definitely brings new experience for all Joytoy collectors.
Besides, it is not overly big standing at 15cm but surprisingly the human able to fit nicely to it.

HUMAN IS SOLD Separately.

It has done a good job in producing a high quality figures especially in it mecha Steel Bone Armor series
It is using a very high matte quality paint and it feel so good on touching
Joint are strong and feels good during posing and transformation
You can easily pose it on some of the most difficult posing at ease

Material: ABS

Height: 15cm

Scale: 1:18

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