KFC Junkion Castoff P6C P-6C


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KFC Junkion Castoff P6C P-6C is coming with a new improve mold and frame

Junkion are a race of transforming mechanoids that inhabit the planetoid also known as Junkion.
KFC Junkion Castoff P6C is one of the Junkions that can interchange body parts with other members to be a unique new character.
Many options available for collector to have your own squad of Junkion by using different parts from different characters produced by KFC.
So make sure you buy all of it.

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

Height: est 20cm / 7.87″

Super posable
Current MP scaled
Fingers pinned fully articulated
Sword/gun can hanging on the alt mode
Rubber tyres
Exchangable front chest , playable with other 5 Motor-Gangsters
Rachets on shoulder and waist movements
Worldwide limited 800 pieces for this run
Refined molds from old Crash-hog , like the transformation of the handle of motorbike from motorbike to robot now smoothly built
Fingers change to pinned hands which is more stable.
Oil Gauge and speed gauge details tampoed.

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