KOSMOS Add on Kits MG Barbatos Ahab Reactors


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KOSMOS Add on Kits MG Barbatos Ahab Reactors with stunning LED effect is finally available.


The first batch of gifts-acrylic platform (the first batch is limited to 200 sets)

This shop only sells music models, and the content includes: light set components + music components + platform (MG Barbatos needs to be purchased separately by customers)

This product is suitable for the installed/uninstalled Bandai MG Barbatos (the installed model is not affected). There is no need to modify the mold or drill holes, etc., the threshold is extremely low, and the mobility of the model is not affected after installation.

There are 10 kinds of lighting effects (special effects of power on and off, breathing, running water and horse stacking, etc.), with adjustable brightness and adjustable frequency

The music component supports TF card/Bluetooth, supports one-click song selection, and the sound quality is close to the level of mainstream mobile phones.

Comes with lithium battery (1000ma), can work for about 5 hours when fully charged (light and music are on at the same time), support type-c power supply/charge (5V2A)

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