Mechanical Alliance SX02p SOUNDWAVE SX-02p SALES


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Mechanical Alliance SX02p SOUNDWAVE is a new character announce in the Bumblebee Movie aka Soundwave.
This product is really a breakthrough to have such a high level of character accuracy based on the movie which can be transformed at the same time.
It is so close to the 3A Soundwave and its not that easy to tell the difference of the two.
The price is expected to be cheaper than the 3A version and the most important it can transform into alternate mode

Mechanical Alliance SX02 SOUNDWAVE is definitely a must have figure in your Transformer Movie toy collection due to it price, design, and accuracy.
Besides, this is also a very challenging figure because of the complexity in its transformation steps.
Just to make it even better, there are LED effects on the eyes.

[please checkout this item and bank in minimum RM50 as deposit]

ON SALES without battle damage effects

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

Height: 27cm / 10.63″

Height: almost like 3A Blitzwing DLX


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Weight 4 kg


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