MEGATANK MT01 Monocrat Megatron


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MEGATANK MT01 Monocrat Megatron should be the greatest figure of the year.

MEGATANK MT01 is the first product from Monocrat and it is so great and huge standing at 33cm
There are so details for this figure which can be seen from the promo picture and so much bigger than Optimus Prime from Bumblebee movie.
The details are incredible nice and sophisticated.
Not just that, the paint used are super realistic and outstanding.
Furthermore, it should be a very posable figure which is kind of surprise for such a big size Transformers.
Besides, the price is so cheap for such a big size and i dont think you want to miss the chance to own one.

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

Height: 33cm

Additional information

Weight 4 kg


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