Motor Nuclear MN Q05 Lu Bu FengXian Normal Version


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Motor Nuclear MN Q05 Lu Bu FengXian is the 5th figure and considered the greatest compare to its predecessors.
As you may already know, deluxe version comes with a very stunning horse but this is a normal version.
Normal version is without having the horse
Furthermore, this will be one of the biggest charcters in the series since the main character can be mounted on the horse.
Although we don’t have much information about this figure but orders has been amassed from all over the world.
Based on the company track record, they have consistently produced high quality and gorgeous figures and so far they have not disappointed any customer yet.
It has never before any company in the market be it 3rd party or official to release such a huge figure so solid and heavy.
Motor Nuclear MN Q05 Lu Bu FengXian is the first figure that can mount on house.
You might need to start looking now for a big spot to house this giant figures.
It will be one of the most anticipated figure of the year after receiving tremendous positive feedback from the collectors.

Price: TBC Deposit: RM500

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

Height: 1/72

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Deluxe Version Q05 Lu Bu FengXianQ05
Normal Version Lu Bu FengXian

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