MS2.0 1/72 Strike Aile 强袭2.0


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MS2.0 1/72 Strike Aile is going to release so soon is definitely a shocking news for many.
In this version 2.0, the original body is redesign with few improvements.
According to the news released, they assure the quality will be the same like v1 but with more features.
One of the new features is that it can turn into a different character with the parts provided.
The most important lesson we learned from the V1 is that the price increase so high which is more than 3x the original price after awhile.
So make sure you grab it this round as early as possible.
MS2.0 1/72 Strike Aile is so nice and it seems the paint is improved.
However, we still need more information about this figure because so far not much information are released.

Material: ABS and Die-Cast


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