NOAH Metallic Sazabi Bust 1/35 with LED


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NOAH Metallic Sazabi Bust 1/35 with LED is going to be reissued with even better paint in Metallic.
In addition, the price is even cheaper than the 1st version which is purely irresistible.
Again, for new collectors, this is a model kit whereby you need to cut and assembled yourself.
Besides, those who likes to build Gunpla will definitely enjoy assembling this kit.
For this reason, you should not let go this chance anymore to own this gorgeous NOAH Metallic Sazabi Bust.
Not to mention, the metallic red painting scheme looks super exclusive and cool.
Equally important it also comes with LED parts.

Scale: 1/35

Material: ABS

ETA: Aug 21

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Noah Sazabi Bust



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