RD STUDIO Iron Man MK3 1/6


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RD STUDIO Iron Man MK3 is going to release this crazy MK3 that never before done by any company.
It is using magnet frame and LED in 1/6 scale skeleton.
The details are superb and nice and is definitely eye popping to most of us.
Besides, the metallic paint on the figure looks so nice and shining.
Furthermore, the LED effects on this figure has make it even more exclusive and EXPENSIVE.

However, it doesn’t comes with hanger, gantry and the human head sculpt.
This exclusive armor uses the magnet on the main body and it is very easy to attach the armor pieces on it.
The best is that the inner body skeleton has a very heavy feeling of metal and details.
It comes with built-in large-capacity rechargeable batteries and USB power supply sockets.
After power on, you can control the light switch and change your favorite color through the remote control, such as blue, white or ice blue.
RD STUDIO Iron Man MK3 is definitely a must have figure for Ironman 1/6 scale collectors.

SCALE: 1/6

Materail: ABS and Die-Cast


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