TFC Satan S04 Lucifer


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TFC Satan S04 Lucifer is part of a combiner called Satan aka Abornimus
Leviathan is the 4th member of this set and so far the design is very modern and stylized
The first member released was just ordinary but the second member was great
The plastic was pretty solid and steady
So far the predecessor was having a very good comments on all its combiners due to it steadiness and good built quality
You will definitely dont want to miss getting one for yourself
TFC has been very consistent on it product’s quality and we are pretty confident with its releases


[please checkout this item and bank in minimum RM100 as deposit]

ETA: 30 days on payment made

Height: 16cm Combiner height: 38cm

Material: ABS

Price: TBA but require RM100 as deposit

Combiner Member:
S03 Leviathan
Satan S04 Lucifer


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