Sentinel Toy RIOBOT OG SRX in Box Set


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Sentinel Toy RIOBOT OG SRX is finally coming to you this year Christmas in Box Set

This incredible figure features three different character combiner into invincible SRX
Now with additional LED effects on it makes it looks much more exclusive and superior.
Not just that, it stand at approx 35cm in combine mode with more than 1000 parts.
One of the great thing about this figure is that it comes with interchangeable hands, one pair of which features full posability in all five fingers.
After all, this is the most wanted Super Robot SRX of all times with higb expectation from every collector.
Overall, this is the most outstanding Kshatriya available ion the market which is also super steady and solid.

  • General speaking, every character is so unique and details.

For this reason, you must keep a set for yourself before it is running out of stock.
As you can see, the promo pictures are mostly stunning and impressive.

Height: approximately 35cm combined mode

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

Sentinel Toy RIOBOT Transform Combine R-GUN Powered

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