SIB03 Fortifications Type A Diorama Set


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SIB03 Fortifications Type A is the newest diorama set from Scene In Box
It looks super nice and cool as a diorama set
One of the great thing is that it can allow you to custom you display to your liking
If you have multiple same or different sets of diorama basically you can do many different design
This is diorama best fit 1:18 and 1:25 scale of human figure and you can even display with vehicles and robots in the same scaling
Now you can finally make your dream diorama easily using SIB set which comes in different option
Price offered are very reasonable and affordable
You will definitely enjoying building it from scratch which will not require a lot of time

ETA: Feb to April 21

Material: ABS

Dimension: 449mm x W250mm x D375mm

Closing: 20/1/21

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SIB03 Fortifications Type A
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