Steel Legend Add-On Kit Kshatriya SL01 666 NORMAL VERSION


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Steel Legend SL01 666 is one of the best looking Kshatriya in the market.
Now with this new add-on it looks much more exclusive and superior.
Furthermore with all the sentinel laser and stands, it has greatly improved the posing capabilities.
Not just that, the sentinel laser has been greatly improve and it looks so cool shooting out from the shields.
It is super heavy and solid that makes it feel expensive.
Afterall, this is the most outstanding Kshatriya available ion the market which is also super steady and solid
Overall, it is a very good collectible items and it will definitely looks super good in your collection display case.
It look majestic when it open up all 4 wings with all the laser sentinel flying out from it.

Comes with:
1× Display stand (for shield drone displaying and accessory storage)
Backpack & rocket effect
4 sets of 6 Drone ammo and Drone blast effect
1 unit Light Axe
8 units Gatling Gun


Material: ABS

ETA: June

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