JT6458 JoyToy Ultramarines Terminator Captain


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JT6458 JoyToy Ultramarines Terminator Captain is going arrived in this year.
The figure is absolutely nice and unique with superb craftsmanship.
Surprisingly, each figure is so heavy weighing at about 300 gram each member.
The paint job and details are definitely top notch and good.
Quantity available is not much so please grab it while you still can.

WEIGHT: near to 300g for each figure (heavy so such a size)

Material: ABS

Height: 12cm

Scale: 1/18

JT6441 JoyToy Ultramarines Primaris Captain with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol

JT5567 JoyToy Ultramarines Primaris Chaplain Brother Varus

JT5338 JoyToy Ultramarines Terminator Chaplain Brother Vanius

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