X-Transbots MX11 Locke Kupp G1


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X-Transbots MX11 Locke is the latest design from the company.
It looks so accurate to the G1 character compare to the model of Fantoys.
The backpack of this figure is so clean and tidy and looks exceptionally great.
The facial expression of X-Transbots MX11 Locke is so details and nice and user can change anytime according to individual preferences.

Material: Plastic ABS

Height: 19 cm/ 7.48″

3 Replacement faces (total of 4 faces), Sharkticon tail, Musket blaster, 2 units of Targetmasters, Graze and Dart (this one of them fit for MP28 Rodimus Prime), 2 pieces of replacement hands

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