X-Transbots MX33 Jocund


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X-Transbots MX33 Jocund is one of the character of their upcoming Defensor Combiner.
In total, there will be 5 members which will form into Defensor.
First of all, it was simply gorgeous and nice with all the details on the figure.
Secondly, X-Transbots MX33 Jocund is on scale with MP.
Besides, the combiner form in 51cm is on scale with other Zeta, TW combiner too.
Moreover, this is the first defensor combiner which is on scale with the current biggest combiner in the market.
Dont miss this chance to complete this combiner.

Height: 7.09″

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

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X-Transbots MX33 Jocund

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