YoloPark PLAMO Shockwave Model Kit


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YoloPark PLAMO Shockwave is a model kit with metal  which cannot transform.
Surprisingly, it has great details with superb articulation without much problem.
If you like to build your figure like building a Gundam model kit, you will definitely like this set.
Moreover, there is no other Soundwave in the market from Bumblebee Movie
Similarly to 3A Optimus Prime, is has great details and articulation but with this unit you will have the chance to build it yourself.
As a matter of fact, this is the only one you can fit in the market that you can build it that comes with Die-Cast.

Height: TBC

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

YoloPark PLAMO Shockwave Model Kit
YoloPark PLAMO Optimus Prime Earth Mode Standard Version

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