ZetaToys Moon Walker ZD01 : FULL SET DEPO


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ZetaToys Moon Walker ZD01 is the most anticipated combiner for the time being.
There is no other company has ever release or produce this character before.
It looks so great and accurate based on the Transformers Super-God Masterforce series.

We will manually add all the characters in this combiner into this order when the final price is ready or release.

These characters will be manually added into your order whenever it is available or once price is release by us

Raiden is the combined form of all six Trainbots:
Shouki (Zero Shinkansen bullet train, leader, torso)
Getsuei (EF-65-1000 Electric Locomotive, right leg)
Yukikaze (200 Shinkansen bullet train engine, left leg)
Suiken (Tokai-type 153 Express locomotive, left arm)
Seizan (485 Limited Express Electric Locomotive, right arm)
Kaen (DE-10 diesel locomotive, pelvis)

From time-to-time, we will update new information such as pictures and material used to produce this character to everyone through www.city-toys.com

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