Magic Square Devastator MS-B39 and MS-B40 Master of Architecture


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Magic Square Devastator MS-B39 and MS-B40 is just announce after they completed the devastator version
Although it is small in size but the articulation is pretty good.
Lets look at the design, it is really cool and very similar to the cartoon character.
So far, from the product review, we saw that the overall combine mode is far than Newage model.
However, it is still too early to say and compare the quality without the actual product is released.
Furthermore, the transformation is not overly complicated comparing to the bigger version of Devastator.
Besides, we notice the color use in this figure also very accurate and same to the one in the cartoon.


Material: ABS

ETA: July/ Aug

Height: 10cm / 3.94″
Combiner Height: 25cm / 3.94″

Other MS Menasor Combiner Member:
MS-B37 Shovel and MS-B38 Roller
MS-B39 and MS-B40
MS-B41 and MS-B42

Magic Square Master of Architecture Full Set of 6

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