TFM M01 M-01 IDW Menasor Combiner


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TFM M01 M-01 Menasor Combiner set of 5 is based on IDW comic.

Material: ABS and Die-Cast

Height: 34cm

TFM has used chrome paint for M01 Menasor which has significantly increase the looks of it.
M-01 is the improved version of the earlier released in terms of paint job and so far we have no information on parts and joint improvement.
All individual bot has significant improvement in terms of looks and paint and it is so much nicer now.
The final product may vary from the pictures shown in here.

After the first release of this combiner 3 years ago which was charge at around RM1700, we never expect it will be repainted in chrome with much cheaper price.
Is either now or never to own this at RM880


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